Bass Brush Slicker Style Brush Large


Product Description

  • Large slicker style brush designed to help release matted fur.
  • Premium alloy pins glide smoothly through the coat.
  • Rubber inlay grips on the handle allow for precise control and grip.
  • Eco-friendly natural bamboo handle with luxury grade finish.
  • For dogs and cats with medium to long coats.

The Bass Brushes De-matting Pet Brush helps to gently release matted fur for a happier, healthier furbaby. The brush’s premium alloy pins glide smoothly through coats to help release tangles and mats. The brush features rubber grip inlets to ensure you have control of every movement as you groom to help keep your best friend safe and comfortable. A natural bamboo handle includes a luxury grade finish for durability and comfort. This brush is best for your furry friend who has a medium to long coat.

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