Charlie's Backyard Above Harness Blue


Durable design for active dogs.
Above Harness™ was developed for active dogs. This harness has excellent durability and is suitable for various outdoor activities for dogs with its easy-to-use method and comfortable pattern. By adjusting the front chest strap, any dog ​​of any size can fundamentally prevent chafing under the armpits.

  • By adjusting the front chest strap, you can adjust the distance between the armpit and the chest strap, so you can fundamentally prevent armpit chafing for any body type.
  • Adjust the front strap to avoid rubbing the armpits.
  • It is safe using proven plastic buckles. *The shape of the buckle may vary depending on the harness size.
  • Proven plastic buckles provide more safety. *Buckle shape may vary depending on harness size.
  • The two-layer woven strap feels thick and soft to the touch. It has strong tensile strength and all joint parts are made strong.
  • The double-layered strap has a soft, cushioned feel.
  • It has strong tensile strength and all joints are heavily sewn.
  • The lining that comes in contact with the dog's body uses a thick air foam mesh for excellent breathability in all seasons.
  • Breathable air-foam mesh lining provides more comfort.
Size Guide
size XS S M L
Chest 35-47cm 47-58cm 58-72cm 72-100cm
Example of body type
Maltese, Shih Tzu, Dachshund, Schnauzer, Jack Russell Terrier, etc. French Bulldog, Boston Terrier, Beagle, Cocker Spaniel, etc. Border Collie, Welsh Corgi, Jindo, Pointer, Brittany Spaniel, etc. Golden Retriever, Labrador Retriever, Siberian Husky, etc. 

  • Please select the appropriate size based on chest circumference.
  • Appropriate size may vary depending on the dog's body type and hair length.
  • The body type examples are for reference only.
  • The above dimensions may have slight errors depending on the measurement method.
Materials & Care


Outer, Lining & Webbing: Polyester


  • After use, keep out of reach of dogs.
  • When washing, please hand wash in cold water using a neutral detergent.
  • Do not wash and dry at high temperatures, use chlorine bleach, dry cleaning, or home dry detergent.
  • The use of external parasite medicine, essence, conditioner, deodorant spray, etc. may cause ear infection on the dog's coat due to strong chemical ingredients, so please be careful when using it.

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