Chuckit! 26m Classic 26 M


  • The Whistler keeps fetch fun and fresh due to its whistle as it flies through the air.
  • Exercise your dog with the Classic Launcher, which throws further than normal!
  • Balls are compatible with the Launcher.
  • Each ball is strong and durable yet gentle enough for your dog’s mouth.
  • Balls are buoyant—they float for water play.

Get all of those zoomies out with the Chuckit! Classic 26M Launcher Bundle Dog Toy. It includes an Ultra Ball, The Whistler, and a Classic Launcher for the ultimate game of fetch. The Ultra Ball provides extra bounce, buoyancy, and durability, while The Whistler lets out a high pitched “whistle” as it soars through the air. Take playtime to the next level with this bundle—your dog will surely thank you for it.

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