Doc & Phoebe Hunting Snacker

  • Interactive treat dispenser is designed to stimulate your feline’s catch and play instincts.
  • Super easy to use—just fill with a treat, hide, and watch your pal hunt it down.
  • Makes a purr-fect way to get your cat to exercise.
  • Toy is also great for portion control and added entertainment.
  • Design features an adjustable slide, so you can make treats easier or harder to extract.

The Dog & Phoebe’s Cat Co. The Hunting Snacker Toy is the purr-fect way to stimulate your little hunter’s natural instincts! Just fill it with a treat, hide it, and watch your feline hunt it down. In addition to satisfying your pet’s love for catching and playing with prey, the toy will also get your cat to exercise while they search for their treat. To top it off, the toy is fitted with an adjustable slide, so you can make the treats harder or easier to get out. For a treat experience that rewards your furkids taste buds and instincts, the Hunting Snacker Toy is your best bet!

Item Number 279341
Dimensions 8.7 x 4.8 x 1.85 inches
Lifestage Adult
Toy Feature Exercise
Material Plastic


  • Remove the mouse skin and put the treats directly into the skin for your cat to play with and eat.
  • Then, put the skin back onto the plastic feeder. Put the treats into the Snacker, with the dispensing hole wide open, to give your cat the high reward while they are learning. As your cat learns, adjust the opening to increase the challenge.
  • Is your cat an expert? Hide the Snacker around the house to add more fun.
  • Machine washable; dishwasher safe.