Fox + Hound - Odor Eliminator Soy Candle - Cashmere Vanilla

K9 MATTIS This is the fourth candle of our K9 Collection. Inspired by K9 Mattis from the Alpharetta Police Department in Georgia. K9 Mattis is the Partner of Sgt. Mark Tappan. Mattis is a 6-year-old German Shepherd trained as a dual purpose patrol dog . This special K9 is the recipient of numerous awards including a Purple Heart, Officer of the Year, and the Director’s Award for Exceptional Service, after leaping from a 30 foot bridge to capture a fleeing robbery suspect. Officer Tappan and K9 Mattis share a very close bond. Their friendship is evident on all their Social Media sites and it is their Instagram, @adps_k9_mattis , where we watch this dynamic duo on a daily basis. This cool and bright fragrance is energizing and uplifting with a balance of fresh pine floral and rosemary. Enjoy deep sophisticated notes of sage, cedar, and fir. Woodsy fragrances that have a twist of fresh botanical beauty. Note Profile: Top: Pine, Fir, Eucalyptus Middle: Rosemary Base: Sage, Cedar

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