La Jolla By The Sea Jigsaw Puzzle


After a year-long process that involved selecting the perfect artwork, manufacturers, distribution and marketing strategy, La Jolla Village Merchants Association is thrilled to announce the arrival of its jigsaw puzzle.  The artwork, created by Los Angeles Artist, Rachel Siegel, depicts over 20 attractions and icons unique to La Jolla. From cove kiyakers to seals and sea lions (of course) Rachel has done an incredible job of highlighting the uniqueness of our village.

Dimensions: 19.25" x 26.625"

1,000 Pieces

For ages 8 and up

About The Artist

Rachel Siegel is a Los Angeles based artist primarily working in ink and watercolor. Inspiration for her work comes from both her career in architecture as well as the beautiful and diverse California landscape which is her home. Documenting memories and telling stories through drawing fuels her personal work and has led to private projects ranging from small personal illustrations to venue branding and large-scale murals.

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