Munchicat Catnip and Rattle Cheese Wedge Toy

  • Your cats want small toys to carry around like pretend prey and large toys for kicking and cuddling. Munchiecat’s Wine & Cheese Deluxe Set offers a wide range of sizes and shapes for your kitty to choose from – our smallest are the 2” Olives and largest toys are our 8” Wine Bottles. Every toy is infused with potent catnip, and we included crinkle toys and jingle toys too!

    Our Wine & Cheese Deluxe set includes 9 toys to keep in rotation so if your cat gets bored of one, they have another to play with =^..^=

    Munchiecat’s toys are made from durable, non-toxic materials, so you can feel good about offering them to your cat. Plus, unlike many other pet toys, our toys are designed to be safe. We don’t use any small plastic parts, feathers, string or beads that could break off and pose a serious safety issue. In fact, we follow strict safety guidelines and constantly try to improve through our customers’ feedback and extensive research.

    Each toy is infused with organic catnip. Some include crinkle paper, while others have rattles or bells securely sewn inside. Our toys are designed for both solo and interactive play time with their humans because playing with your cat not only keeps them healthy and happy; it also forges a stronger bond between you.

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