Petsafe Come With Me Kitty Harness Royal Blue/Navy


Calling all the cool cats eager to venture beyond the great indoors. The Come With Me Kitty™ Harness gives new meaning to the word catwalk. Your feline friend can strut the sidewalks in style while staying safely by your side on her bungee leash.

This harness for cats is made with durable nylon that is comfortable for your kitty to wear while she frolics in the grass. It’s easy to put on, yet hard for her to get out of on her own. You’ll have her harness on in a flash, thanks to the quick-snap buckles and the different color belly strap so you know which part goes where. To help keep your furry, flexible feline from becoming an escape artist, we’ve added a rubber stopper that the top of the harness to help ensure the harness fits snugly.

The bungee leash lets you keep ahold of your cat while out and about together. The stretchy material provides plenty of give and flexibility, so if your cat pulls, pressure is safely applied in all the right places. With a little practice and training, your cat will be confidently pouncing and prowling around the block.

You can purchase your cat’s harness worry-free because our Customer Care team is here to help you and your cat whether you need a different size or a replacement. Let your cat confidently cruise around the neighborhood with her new harness. Trust PetSafe® to keep your cat healthy, safe and happy.

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