Plaque Off Cat Powder 40g

  • Cat Breath Freshener: ProDen has been shown to help reduce plaque and tartar on teeth in as soon as 3 to 8 weeks. Regular use can be essential to help support pet dental health at all stages of life.
  • Specialized Cat Oral Care: Pet dental cleaning powder contains Brewer's Yeast for additional savory flavor when mixed into their wet or dry food. Use included scoop for low-maintenance dosing.
  • Cat Plaque Remover: Brushing your pet's teeth can be a stressful experience; instead, ProDen works in the saliva to help soften and reduce plaque and as a breath freshener for cats.
  • Healthy Mouth for Cats: Improper dental hygiene can lead to not only bad breath but also oral health issues. ProDen helps reduce biofilm in the mouth to improve breath odor.
  • Superior Plaque Off Powder Cat Formula: Designed for feline palates, made with high-quality ingredients, & effective for oral health care; use Proden PlaqueOff daily for routine dental maintenance.

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