Tall Tails Ball Launcher with 2 balls

Tall Tails Ball Launcher with 2 balls

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The Ball Launcher with 2 Balls is a game-changer in keeping your dog fully engaged and entertained this season. Taking the game of fetch to a whole new level, the sports interactive toy offers longer distance playtime while being easy on the arm through expertly designed assisted throwing — less tiresome for you and more fun for your favorite furry friend! The toy comes with two balls that both bounce and float, maximizing playtime to both land and water. One of the two balls also glows in the dark, making playtime pawsible well into the night.

Wellness Beyond FoodTM
Playtime is a core pillar of your dog's overall health and wellness. We recommend making time every day for interactive play between you and your dog. Playtime together reinforces the special bond you share with your furry friend and provides your dogs with the vital stimulation and exercise they need. Our Sports Toy line is designed with interactive play in mind. Made with sturdy materials, put together, to be your pup's new favorite toy to retrieve and exercise with.

With all Tall Tails dog toys we encourage pet parents to Baby Your PetTM and to supervise them during playtime. Please remove any toy, Tall Tails or non-Tall Tails, when you notice sizable pieces breaking off to avoid any choking or blockage hazards. Pets are our babies, treat them like so.


100% Polypropylene Spot Clean