Ultra Oil Skin and Coat Supplement


Our healthy pet formula (non-GMO, gluten-free, herbicide and pesticide-free) delivers healthy fats in just the right ratios.  Just add a small amount on your pet's food each day and experience relief from dry itchy skin, dull coat, hot spots, dandruff, allergies, skin bumps, excessive shedding, and digestive issues.
Safe and suitable for all breeds of dogs and cats at any age.

What is it for?

For Animals needing relief or prevention from dry itchy skin, dull coats, hot spots, dandruff, allergies, skin bumps, excessive shedding, and digestive issues.

Ultra Oil helps with many different things! Our oil contains a superblend of ingredients that all help to reduce and treat dry skin and hair conditions like hot spots, allergic reactions, itching, fur loss, and more. Additionally, it can help: Lower blood LDL cholesterol levels, Lower blood pressure, Improve cardiovascular circulation and function, Improve organ function, Improve immunity levels, Increase energy levels and metabolic rate. 

Some pets experience results within a few days, and most see results 2-8 weeks.


Ultra Oil is manufactured in the United States. We use wild-caught fish from a fishery in Peru using Seine Nets and other sustainable practices. Peru is one of the top rated countries for sustaining fish populations in an environmentally sound way. We source the hemp seed oil from a co-op of farmers in Canada who do not apply chemical herbicides or pesticides.

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