Vets Preferred Advanced Anti-Diarrhea Liquid


hs your dog struggling with an upset stomach? We never want to see our pets in pain. This Advanced Anti-Diarrhea Liquid treats an upset stomach and provides quick relief.

Quick and effective

Soothe your pet’s upset stomach and stop their diarrhea with this quick-acting formula

Restores gut health

Suitable for use in cases of diarrhea, gastroenteritis, and gas relief.

Formulated for dogs

The active ingredients pectin fiber and kaolin clay help relieve diarrhea without leaving your dog dehydrated

Simple to use

Administer once every 12 hours directly or mix with their food.

Soothes and firms

Helps alleviate irritation, discomfort, and cramping associated with dog diarrhea within 2-3 days.

Fast-acting solution

This advanced formula will work quickly to get your pooch back on their feet in no time!

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