Wondercide Skin Tonic Topical Oil for Dogs


Powered by cold-pressed neem oil, natural essential oils, and other plant-powered ingredients. Works on problem areas caused by dry, itchy skin, hot spots, bug bites, and more. This oil could never take your job as pack leader. But it will make it a whole lot easier.

SOOTHING, LOCALIZED RELIEF. Neem has been used for hundreds of years as a medicinal herb to soothe irritations caused by dry skin, itchy skin, hot spots, rashes, burns, cuts, bug bites, stings and more.

GENTLE ON DOGS, POWERFUL ON PROBLEM AREAS. Gentle enough to use several times a day on dogs of all ages, yet powerful enough to provide instant relief and help alleviate skin issues.

POWERED BY PLANTS. Made with essential oils of lavender, cedar, lemongrass, and neem oil, this spray provides gentle comfort for serious skin irritations.

PLANT-POWERED AND ALCOHOL-FREE. Free of artificial colors, fragrances, parabens, phthalates, sulfates and synthetic pesticides. USA made *With U.S. and global components

How To Use

FOR DOGS. Shake before use. Squeeze a small amount onto skin. Massage in gently. May be applied several times per day to soothe irritations. Repeat as needed.

FOR PEOPLE. Shake well. Squeeze a small amount onto skin and massage it in gently. It may be applied several times a day. Repeat daily as needed for desired results. For itchy skin or chronic dry skin conditions, smooth over damp body after showering. For dry or itchy scalp, apply nightly and leave in overnight. Wash hair as you normally would. Repeat for several days.

Skin Tonic Oil is not recommended for use on cats because it’s undiluted.

How It Works

THE WONDER OF NEEM. The natural essential oil of neem helps address the real issues surrounding itchy and irritated skin. Neem oil helps soothe problem areas immediately and expedites healing.

DIFFERENCE BETWEEN SKIN TONIC SPRAY AND OIL. Skin Tonic Spray and Skin Tonic Oil are made with the same active ingredients. Skin Tonic Spray is perfect for head-to-toe application to soothe skin with all types of issues. Skin Tonic Oil is a more concentrated version and is ideal for intensive localized relief — great for open sores, burns, rashes and more. Skin Tonic Oil is not recommended for use on cats because it’s undiluted.


Made with natural essential oils. No artificial colors, dyes, or fragrances. Phenol-free. Clove-free.

Active Ingredients, Source, and Purpose

Neem Oil Neem Tree Seeds Used to relieve dry and itchy skin and provide gentle comfort
Sesame Oil Sesame Seeds Antioxidant
Olive Oil Olives Anti-inflammatory
Coconut Grape Seed Antioxidant
Apricot Kernel Apricot Seeds Nourish and restores dry skin
Castor Oil Castor Seeds Moisturizing, anti-inflammatory, promotes wound healing by promoting a moist environment
Lavender Oil Lavender
Aroma, anti-microbial, anti-inflammatory, calming effect
Cedarwood Oil Texas and Virginiana cedar trees Aroma, anti-inflammatory, antioxidant
Lemongrass Oil Lemongrass Plant
Kills and repels pests. Scent qualities: Revitalizing, Invigorating, Uplifting.
Vitamin E Vegetable Oil Antioxidant

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